How many pump installations in Dubai meets ASHRAE 90.1 ?

I have had the privilege to visit many chilled water plants in Dubai and surprised at how many sites are struggling with flow management.  It seems that many building operators are attributing little to no value to their circulating pump operation, concentrating on large ticket items such as chillers and air handling units to seek energy improvement. Unfortunately, chiller and/or AHU upgrade are often abandoned due to high capital cost to retrofit them.

As energy supply in the UAE is becoming an intensely hot topic (as everywhere else in the world), are we overlooking “low hanging fruits” by not tackling pumping cost?

Sure, the annual pumping cost is relatively small compared to chillers, but it still accounts for 30-35% of the plant total consumption. Furthermore, cutting in half the annual pumping cost does not require changing pumps or inverter, nor it requires piping modification and can be safely implemented without plant shut-down. This energy conservation measure is simple, low cost and without any operational risks.

Considering that every building in Dubai has large pumps operating 24/7 to circulate chilled water for its air conditioning needs, a concerted effort from the local engineering community to focus on that segment would go a long way to help building’s owners reducing consumption and contribute in a big way to the country energy objectives.


ASHRAE 90.1 suggest that power consumption of a variable speed circulating pump should be no more than 30% of its nominal Wattage at 50% of its flow. In other words, if your pump power consumption is 75kW at 100% flow, at 50% flow it should be no more than 22.5kW.

For the none techy guys, the flow is directly proportional to the cooling need, so in the summer months, more flow is needed because more cooling is needed, but during spring, fall and winter all pumps can be turned right down because less cooling is needed hence lower flow demand. This gives a very practical “yardstick” to assess plant saving opportunities.


If you just realize that your building pumping cost is too high, the good news is that ASHRAE laid-out all the information on how to deal with it and can be downloaded for $200 today! – – This provides the blueprint of remedial measures to improve pumping performance.

Want to save $200? – Simply send us a mail and we will share with you the common faults seen on-site that are contributing to excess pumping costs.


Your building energy consumption drives you crazy but not sure where to start, get in touch – we will be happy to share ways for you to implement solutions in your building –  –

Orcivalpump wins big at Al Zahia City Centre project for supply of hydronic components

Orcivalpump has been recently awarded a large contract for the supply of various hydronic components for the prestigious mega development – Al Zahia City Centre in Sharjah, UAE.

The Al Zahia City Centre project is a mixed-use commercial development in the Sharjah combining retail, leisure and entertainment activities, distributed over 360 retail brands, 12,700 square meters hypermarket, and 2,350 square meters cinema facilities. The development is at the heart of a community project to revitalize the area and driven by the Majid Al-Futtaim group.

After a rigorous selection criteria, aligning to the most stringent standards in the HVAC domain, Orcivalpump has gained the necessary approvals from all the project holders – Khatib & Alami, Consolidated Contractors Int’l Company (CCCIC) and A&P Group of Companies, to supply our range of hydronic accessories for this prestigious project.

If you have any requirements for HVAC solutions, get in touch with us!!

Orcivalpump enhances efficiency of electricity use in the Emirate of Dubai

In line with Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 (DIES2030), Orcivalpump is committed to saving 15-20% of our customer’s electricity and water bill!  Under the DEWA DSM framework, Orcivalpump is a perfect solution fit into the 2nd & 3rd DSM strategy program for Building Retrofits and District Cooling. To learn more about DEWA initiatives and Demand Side Management (DSM) see:

For one of our prestigious customers in Dubai, a large commercial building with over 35 floors in Dubai Marina, Orcivalpump has been retained for a comprehensive study on their HVAC system retrofit.  Orcivalpump has estimated over 22% annual electricity and water savings which translates to AED 25,000 monthly!  The tariff calculator from DEWA gives a snapshot on the current monthly energy usage of this building, which is available at:

We would be happy to do a “No Obligation” free audit and advise you on your HVAC retrofit and optimization potential allowing you to save money immediately.

To learn more about Orcivalpump HVAC Energy Saving solutions, visit our website or reach out to us! 

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Kuwait Airways Flies Cool !

The Kuwait Airways building in Kuwait City was amongst our very first projects in the Middle East where we supplied 3x end-suction circulating pumps.

These pumps have been running non-stop for almost 2 years supplying chilled water to their building AC. We are glad to report that our robust little pumps are still delivering value to our customer and report to service everyday without fail.

Of course, we are all looking for new projects, but it is equally important to touch base with our previous customers and check on them from time to time to ensure that our equipment are still exceeding expectations.

Orcivalpump completes delivery of chilled water pumps to Dubai Civil Defense HQ

Orcivalpump is proud to have completed the supply of 5x chilled water pumps and suction diffusers to the Dubai civil defense HQ building in Al Ghusais.

The Directorate General of Civil Defense Dubai is a strategic building dedicated to the protection of lives and properties providing the backbone of Dubai emergency response services.

We would like to thank all project participants for their trust in our products and services and look forward to future tenders. #Orcivalpump #Trane #DubaiCivilDefense

Orivalpump supplies pump trims to Abu Dhabi “Palace Fort”

Orcivalpump supplied pump trims to Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi Cultural Center.

Qasr al-Hosn is the original heart of downtown Abu Dhabi currently transformed into a year-round destination for cultural discovery and represent extensive historical, archaeological, and architectural research.

This is a historical landmark and a powerful symbol of the federation and unity of the United Arab Emirates. #MyUAE

Ajdan residence block, another 3x large chilled water pumps

Orcivalpump completed the supply of 3x large chilled water pumps for the Ajdan residence building in the Bur Dubai area.

There are no small projects! We are very proud to have been involved in the supply of circulating pumps at the heart of the Ajdan residence HVAC system. The project execution required a very short leadtime for 3x large 45kW pumps. We were able to assist our client and help him complete his project on time and on budget.

We would like to thanks the project participants to entrust us with this project and look forward to many more.

Orcivalpump ready for take-off in Indonesia

Some time we get that call beyond our border…

That is exactly what happened when contractors in Indonesia called upon Orcivalpump to participate to the iFLY building project in Jakarta.

The iFly building in Jakarta is an indoor Skydiving leisure complex. This global US company has the largest network of indoor Skydiving facilities that deliver exhilarating sensations of flight without ever getting into an airplane.

Orcivalpump only played a small role in delivering HVAC tanks and accessories but it was great fun getting involved with these guys.